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"Over the past five years, we have had Chassell Carpentry & Woodwork do several projects, both large and small, at our house. They have done a major kitchen remodel, built a new office space (complete with electricity and heat) in our garage and even built an original garden cottage. Even when we just needed one thing done – such as rebuilding a staircase – they were able to help us. Each project they have done for us has been an unqualified success.

Our experiences with Gar Heikkinen have made each project a pleasure. Gar worked with us from the design stage through each phase of construction, providing his expertise to help make each project go smoothly. When the work was being done, he showed up every day to check on progress, inspect his crew's work and make sure that we were satisfied with how things were being done. If something went wrong – such as when the wrong fixture or material not up to his standards were delivered – he immediately solved the problem and kept the project on track. Best of all, after work was complete, he continued to stop by to make sure that we were satisfied.

The carpenters and other workmen at Chassell Carpentry & Woodwork are experienced, talented, hard-working and friendly. We've enjoyed having them in our house and have come to think of them as neighbors and friends (hi, Dave and Doug and all the rest!).

We're proud to show off the work that Chassell Carpentry & Woodwork has done for us. It is also a pleasure to know that they are a local, second-generation building company based in the western UP. Anyone who is considering a remodeling, repair or building project could not do better than to contact them."

Bryan and Phyllis Johnson

"I hope to be able to convey just how much we appreciated building with Chassell Carpentry.

First of all, we think of them as “family” because that is what they turned out to be like. Initially, we were very impressed with their family business. Tommy, Jan, and Gar were open and straight forward. We felt comfortable sharing our concerns as well as our new home dreams with them. We even found every contractor connected with the Chassell Carpentry family friendly and easy to talk to. They knew it was our first time building and were there for us every step of the process and afterward.

We wanted a home we could retire to and feel secure in our later years. We appreciated their insights on having a sturdy structure to begin with that could be improved upon as we had the means to do so. They also soothed our concerns of being two states away during the building process by eagerly sharing the progress as they built through pictures, the phone, and email. Sort of like family members sharing growth and development of a new baby.

Every time we visited they accommodated our travel schedule to meet with themselves or contractors. We were consulted on every cost. Though they prepared us for the most possible expenses they also saved our money when we were under budget so we could put it into those “not until later” expenses.

We have been enjoying our home as much as we can for the last 5 years. Chassell Carpentry was not just our contractor but family that welcomed us into the community who we still like to stop and see when we can. Because of them, we already feel at home in the UP. We have always been ready and willing to share our Chassell Carpentry family with others like our neighbors who still thank us for our recommendation. We plan on retiring soon and are anxious to pick up and go with those improvements we still dream of. Don’t hesitate to build with them and

“Welcome to the family”."

Chris and Sue Sturzl

"Our first encounter with Chassell Carpentry and Woodwork, Inc. i.e. Tom, and eventually Jan, Gar and Jeremy Heikkinen, occurred when we tried to have replacement door facings made for a 1906 arts and crafts home we were restoring. We called Tom and he said he couldn’t do the facings then (summer) but he could do them later in the fall as summer was their busy season for new home construction. I was immediately impressed by his honesty. He finished the facings in the fall as he said he would and did an excellent job.

We then attempted to obtain bids from vendors in the area for other restoration such as roofing, painting, porch repairs, etc. In a number of cases we would solicit vendors for bids and after making an appointment they never showed up. We called Tom and he would always arrive as scheduled, provide us with estimates, and, if he didn’t do the particular work in question, he would recommend a reliable vendor. We were never disappointed. Chassell Carpentry and Woodwork crew ended up doing all our restoration work which included, but was not limited to, a complete new roof, a rebuild of a two-story porch with 4 large columns, inside wall boarding, painting, etc. The only work not performed was on our chimney, in which case, Tom recommended a vendor who satisfactorily completed the job.

We eventually sold our 1906 arts and crafts home and purchased property on Lake Superior to have a new home built. Of course, by this time we decided that Chassell Carpentry and Woodwork would be our builder. Tom also offered to give us his opinion on any property which we were considering for purchase. We took him up on his offer and sincerely appreciated his valuable input. They were patient and provided great assistance in the myriad of decisions which were required regarding the details of our new home, e.g. cabinets, appliances, colors, light fixtures, facings, etc. The Chassell Carpentry and Woodwork crew built our home while we spent the winter in Arizona. The company kept us apprised by pictures on his website and phone calls to us when required. Our new home was finished in the spring when we returned. We were completely satisfied.

Chassell Carpentry and Woodwork now takes care of all our projects, the latest being a new 20 x 20 outbuilding. Our experience has been exceptionally satisfactory and we would recommend Chassell Carpentry & Woodwork to anyone. We are not related to anyone at the company but we have become personal friends with Tom and Jan.

Another plaudit in the company’s favor is the employees. They were always courteous and friendly and I cannot ever recall hearing any expletives from any of them.

I believe that anyone choosing Chassell Carpentry & Woodwork as their builder will have a positive experience."

George and Elaine Kadlec

"We had almost given up on finding a competent builder for our dream retirement home on a small lake in Baraga County.  We had consulted with numerous building contractors from Green Bay, WI to Marquette, MI.  

Always the same response: your property is too far away, too remote, it will cost you more than it's worth, we're too busy, etc. etc.  Then we, luckily, made contact with Chassell Carpentry & Woodwork, Inc. (CC&W).  

What a monumental day that was!  Although, already extremely busy with their summer building schedule, CC&W management took all the time necessary to thoroughly discuss our plans and requirements.  We departed that meeting knowing we had found the right match.  From then on, they (CC&W), were actively involved in all pre-construction details, i.e., permits, construction loans, finalizing architectural plans, etc., etc.  

Land clearing and construction began and finished in our abstention since we were living at the time on the West Coast.  The final product was beyond our utmost expectations.  Completed "on time" and "on budget".  Constructions materials and workmanship were of the highest quality.  We have lived in this home now for many years and we have never found any reason to have CC&W return to correct any problems.  

Honesty, integrity, and quality characterize CC&W."

Lowell H. Christensen, Lt. Col., USAF, Ret.

"Dear Gar, Tom and Jan,

Thank you for building such a beautiful lake home for us. Everything about the process was a pleasure, from your computer-aided design, to the clear explanation of costs, to the website photos and updates that allowed us to "watch" the house go up while we were 1200 miles away.

We are so happy with the quality of your work and your attention to detail, and delighted with the way you held to the budget with no overruns. You finished the house faster than we imagined you would, and came back afterward to take care of the last details. We just love the house.

We have raved about your work to anyone who will listen, and truly wish we could bring you all back to Massachusetts to help us out there too!

Thank you so much,"

David and Stephanie B.

"In the fall of 2015, we contracted with Chassell Carpentry to make a number of upgrades to our home, driveway and garage, including replacement of our roof and interior stairways.

It was a pleasure to work with Gar and his crew, not only because of the high quality of the workmanship, but also because of Gar's attention to communication and customer service. On the portions of the work that were subcontracted, Gar oversaw the work with the same attentiveness as with his own crew.

We highly recommend Chassell Carpentry for any remodeling project!"

Constance Petersen and Lynn Torkelson


We would be delighted to have a comment on your website.  

The work you did on our Lakeshore Dr. cottage was phenomenal.  We are here enjoying the new deck and sliding glass door.  Wish we could clone your crew and bring them back to DC to work on our house there.  They are so thoughtful, conscientious and skilled.”

Nancy Crowell

 "We absolutely LOVE our deck."
Anna Taylor

More testimonials coming soon.
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